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Content Curation Resources for Business Professionals

“Today, there are so many options available and we each have to find a way to find, filter, consume

and share the information that is relevant for us.”

Brenner Michael, author of B2B Marketing Insider and co-founder of Business 2 Community curated his own list of the top sites of business and marketing information – some of which are great examples of content curation themselves. Enjoy!

1. The New York Times (@NYTimes) – “All the news that’s fit to print.”;

2. Mashable (@Mashable) – social media news blog;

3. TechCrunch (@Techcrunch) – news blog focusing on technology and start-ups;

4. Business Insider (@BusinessInsider) – get the inside scoop and some pretty racy headlines on finance, media and technology;

5. Fast Company (@FastCompany) – one of the best rags you’ll find on business, innovation and professional success;

6. The Week (@TheWeek) – great content curation in practice and excellent coverage of all the news across just about every category;

7. Forbes (@Forbes) –

8. Fortune Magazine (@FortuneMagazine)

9. Inc Magazine (@Inc)

10. Time Magazine (@Time)

11. BusinessWeek (@BW) – one of the best twitter handles on the web;

12. Forrester (@Forrester) – top analysts firm covering business and marketing;

13. Harvard Business Review (@HarvardBiz) – thoughtful, intelligent and unique coverage of the latest in business;

14. Knowledge@Wharton (@knowledgewharton) – from the University of Pennsylvania;

15. The Altimeter Group (@AltimeterGroup) – analysis on the innovations driving business today;

16. Adobe’s (@CMO_com) – covering marketing and digital trends for marketing leaders;

17. Content Marketing Institute (@junta42) – everything you need to know about content marketing;

18. MarketingProfs (@MarketingProfs) – one of the best resources covering the latest trends and thought leadership in marketing;

19. Hubspot (@Hubspot) – another one of the top resource for marketers;

20. Ad Age (@AdAge) – the latest in advertising trends, discussions and opinions;

21. The Nielsen Wire (@NielsenWire) – if you’re looking for stats for your next presentation, this is a good place to start;

22. iMediaConnection (@iMediatTweet) – keep up to date on the state of digital marketing and advertising;

23. eMarketer (@eMarketer) – another great marketer resource for stats;

24. SmartBrief on Social Media (@SBoSM) – best example of content curation in the digital age;

25. BtoB Magazine (@BtoBMagazine) – for Business to Business marketing folks;

26. MarketingVOX (@MarketingVOX) – stats and research notes covering the “voice of digital marketing”;

27. MarketingSherpa (@MarketingSherpa) – research reports and blogs on marketing;

28. Social Media Today (@SocialMedia2day) – a great site syndicating some of the best authors covering social media;

29.Business 2 Community (@B2BCommunity) – one of the top social news sites covering the latest trends on marketing, business and entertainment.

30. Business Inovation from SAP (@Biz_Innovation) – covers how business can grow and innovate through the latest technology.

Source: Brenner Michael, B2B Marketing


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