Catalin Parascan

Social entrepreneur. Engagement consultant.

Preserving the Vatican’s Historic Treasures

The Bibliotheca Apostolica, as the Vatican Library is known, is one of the oldest libraries in the world and contains nearly 90,000 historic books, documents, papyrus texts and other ancient treasures. In order to preserve and make them available to scholars and historians around the world, the Vatican is embarking upon a multi-year project to digitize, store, archive and put the entire collection on line.



EMC is working with systems integrator partner Dedagroup, and providing 2.8 petabytes of storage capacity — enough to store the 40 million pages of digitized manuscript — across our industry-leading Isilon, Atmos, Data Domain, Networker and VNX solutions over the initial three years of the project. Content will be preserved in an ISO-certifiable digital format that will protect the delicate texts from the deterioration and decay that can be caused by repeated handling.

EMC’s sponsorship forms part of our ‘Information Heritage Initiative’, which works to protect and preserve the world’s information for future generations and make it globally accessible in digital form for research and education purposes. In this instance, we are truly “Preserving the Vatican’s Treasures”.



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