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Make Your Own Kind Of Music

When it comes down to music, I’m that kind of guy who listens the same tunes over and over again until people start calling me names. With all due respect, I like to consider myself as not being weird and obsessed. You see, music is very much related to most of my experiences that I’ve been through so far.

I think it’s great to know that music is one of the most powerful tools that you could use to revisit great experiences. I love the opportunity of being able to set certain mind frames through music and stay there. That’s why I never get bored of listening to my music. It’s all about the experience behind it.

While I asked some of my friends what their favorite tracks were, most of them kept on saying that they don’t have a particular song (I call it ‘The song’) to come back to and that they don’t like to do hierarchies. I guess, this is mainly because they like a lot of stuff that brings out different experiences.

Well, I do like to make hierarchies and I always loved to commit to something that I liked. At the end of the day I think that being able to commit to any decisions tells a lot about who you are. Even if we’re talking about music.

To quote Marco Pierre White, one of my favorite chefs, ‘You look at a chef’s plate and it gives you a good insight into who that person is’. I strongly believe that this applies to music as well. That’s what music is all about for me.

This is my (all time) Top 5

1. Jose Gonzales – Heartbeats

2. Billy Joel – Vienna

3. Dire Straits – Why Worry

4. Two Gallants – Steady Rollin’

5. Underworld – Caliban’s Dream

PS. When I really really really like a song it’s because it makes me feel uncomfortable, vulnerable. It makes me nostalgic about an experience that I’ve never lived. Crazy, right?


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