Catalin Parascan

Social entrepreneur. Engagement consultant.

London Is Like a Rollercoaster

Two years ago, on the 9th of September I decided to trade Bucharest for London.

I know it’s a fair trade. I gave up what I had in my hometown and in exchange I got to dive into the unknown and got the chance to live in the same house (for the first time) with my partner, Alexandra, who’s always in the pursuit of happiness.

To some extent, it’s fun to trade cities, to explore societies, to meet new people, to create connections, to influence others, to be influenced, to see amazing artists performing live, eating good food from around the world, finding out about culture(s) and religion(s). But I guess that throughout this journey, there’s still this question screaming form the back of your mind: ‘what is home to you?’

Om Malik said that ‘Our physical interaction with a place defines how we feel about that place’. Both London and Bucharest’s streets and corners have stories attached to them and I guess that gives a sense of belonging. But most of all the ones that really matter are the people with whom you share your experiences. On the timeline called life, they are the ones who can make the difference between a place where you live and a place that you call home.

Some people say that they feel in between, some say that home is where you pay the bills, some say that home is where your family is. ‘Home is where your…. is’ it’s such a fluid concept, given how much we are always moving from one place to another. For me, home is where my experiences happen. Those things define how I view my world.

Looking back now, I had the best of times and the worst of times too. But above all it’s the most unbelievable ride.


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This entry was posted on September 10, 2013 by in Personal Development, Writing.
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