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Creating Content: Seven Timeless Tips

“The world can change a lot in seven months. Governments rise and fall, future kings are born, and hell, even a Brit can win Wimbledon. And the relentless march of … Continue reading

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Increase Your Potential By Thinking Like A Rookie

We’re all susceptible to skill plateaus after dedicating a significant amount of time to any profession. But why? Year after year, we learn through experience which practices deliver the best … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Kind Of Music

When it comes down to music, I’m that kind of guy who listens the same tunes over and over again until people start calling me names. With all due respect, … Continue reading

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Dan Pink On The Importance Of Side Projects

In this BIF Talk, Dan Pink speaks on the trend of incorporating non-commissioned work into corporate culture.

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Being Unemployed Doesn’t Make You Useless

‘Being unemployed doesn’t have many silver linings’ but if you struggle enough you can find some advantages that will serve to your benefits later on. There’s no doubt that not … Continue reading

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Big Egos Don’t Produce Success

People who feel they deserve success are among those most likely to fail when challenges arise, research from New Zealand has revealed. The study focused on university students and found that … Continue reading

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What Makes a Mother? Suffering

ONE day, toward the end of my transition from father to mother, I came home to find my 6-year-old son looking thoughtful. “Are you all right?” I asked. “Yes,” Sean … Continue reading

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